KissME in Ann Arbor

July 20-22, 2018


Get Cultured

Visit the Ann Arbor Art Fair, one of the most highly anticipated events in town! If you can, find Mr. B's Joybox Express booth! He's a musician who loves playing for dancers.

Get to Work

Want to come to KissME, but need a bit of help with the cost? No problem! Send an email to , and tell us you'd like to volunteer. We don't judge, we promise.

Get Ready

Don't forget comfortable dance shoes for both indoor and outdoor settings. Remember, if you plan on going into the river on Sunday, bring something you don't mind getting wet. Water shoes may also be helpful.

Keep it Simple & Swing Michigan Exchange

Michigan's cutest swing and blues dance exchange returns for its TENTH year!
Thanks to AACTMAD and Swing Ann Arbor for making this event possible.

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With less than a month left, it's time to...

Meet our DJs!

Mindy Bayko

Mindy has been sharing her favorite tunes at weekly dances, events, and competitions around the Midwest since 2015. She likes her songs to have lots of room for musicality; a good, hard swing; and (while she appreciates many genres and variations of swing) her religion is publicly listed as New Testament Basie.

All of Mindy's sets are lovingly handcrafted with the use of spreadsheets, databases, and graphs, and then adjusted on-the-fly to fine tune everything according to what speaks to dancers that night. An average evening tends to include artists like Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Artie Shaw, Catherine Russell, Benny Goodman, Wild Bill Davis, Oscar Peterson, Illinois Jacquet, and Johnny Hodges.

She would very much like it if you asked her to follow balboa - pure, bal-swing, or slow..

Dan Miles

Dan Miles first fell in love with the blues at the 2012 Chicago Blues Festival, on a Sunday evening, overwhelmed by their tribute to Koko Taylor, the Queen of the Chicago Blues. With that as his starting point, he has been refining his understanding of blues and exploring the rich variety of the genre ever since. Dan happily accepts the label of “traditionalist” as a blues DJ, both in the typical sense of sticking to the genre and in the sense of recognizing and embracing the blues tradition as one that is diverse, inclusive, historically rooted, and still very much alive today. Expect his sets to ramble through a range of topics, eras, and regional styles, hitting both some vintage classics and some currently performing blues bands from around his home in Columbus, Ohio.

Melanie Whitesel

Melanie started DJing at Ball State University and quickly fell in love with blues. Drawn to dancing because of the music, she knew that DJing was the direction for her. Melanie tries to find a balance of old favorites and newer artists that just make you want to move in her sets and hopes to keep the floor moving all night long.

Daniel Hoy

Daniel found jazz at a bookstore listening booth. He fell for contemporary jazz and has been working his way backwards through jazz history ever since. When Daniel plays the tunes, expect to dance your feet off while listening to today’s hardest-swinging artists alongside the original swing era bands that inspired them.