July 21–23, 2017

Contact Us

General - kissme@kissmeinannarbor.com
Let other people know about KissME! Send us your snail mail address, and we'll send you fliers. Also use this if you have any questions not covered by the other addresses below.

Volunteer Coordinator - volunteer@kissmeinannarbor.com
If you have any questions for our volunteer coordinator, or wish to volunteer, send an e-mail!

DJs - dj@kissmeinannarbor.com
If you would like to be considered as a KissME DJ, please email our DJ coordinator. DJs will be chosen by committee vote, so we can't guarantee that you will be selected, but it won't hurt to ask!

Registration - register@kissmeinannarbor.com
Use this e-mail address if you have registered, but have questions regarding payment, lack of a confirmation e-mail, or any other errors in your registration.

Housing - housing@kissmeinannarbor.com
Please send any questions you may have about housing.